Evolution Industry is committed on delivering world class fabrication solutions to all industry sectors from our Brisbane Office and Factory. Our team is fully qualified in Mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminium fabrication and can also provide value adding services such as Galvanising, Powder coating and project specific surface treatments.
We also specialise in CAD programming and drawing solutions, delivering the full package for our clients needs to the Brisbane region and other areas of Australia.
Discover Evolution Industry’s Comprehensive Metal Fabrication Services
Evolution Industry provides a comprehensive Metal fabrication service, using the latest technology, we are able to deliver large numbers of precision components with fast turnaround times. Our processes mean reduced labour costs while increasing volume. In addition, our expertise enables us to adapt our equipment for almost any project.
Make Evolution Industry your first choice for:
  • Metal fabrication in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Break Press and Folding
  • Material finishing and treatments
  • Automated component manufacturing
  • Machining and Milling
  • Profile Laser Cutting
  • CNC turret punching
  • CAD based drawing solutions
As a premium fabricator we can also assist with product design from conception through to production.  

Precision Work
We pride ourselves on repeat precision work and fast turnaround times. Manufacturers know that they can rely on us to provide components for just-in-time orders.
Evolution Industry has worked with companies in a wide variety of industries, so we can quickly adapt to meet your Metal fabrication needs.

Engineering Design
From simple metal parts fabrication to complex designs, our high precision multi-axis CNC machining, qualified production team and practical metals engineering experience combine to deliver the best results. We can also assist with design development and offer expert advice on ways to improve the functionality or manufacturability of your machined product.  

Prototyping and short runs
We’re more than happy to work on short runs or prototyping projects. This will enable us, if you require,to establish the most cost effective way of volume producing the parts you need.
Our experienced team can make fast work of set ups and preparations with our equipment so that costs are minimised even if you just want a few components run off.

High Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication
High volume sheet metal fabrication is one of our specialities. We have also produced custom products, equipment and electrical enclosures, signage and point of sale displays, metal electronics components as well as mining and scientific equipment.
If you need a high volume of precise sheet metal components from a quality fabricator, please call us as sales@evolutionindustry.com.au to get a quote today.

Coatings and specialist finishes
Through a variety of specialist partners we can arrange a diverse range of finishes and coatings for your components. From high grade polishes to simple powder coatings and practical finishes such as galvising, chrome plating, zinc plating or anodising to ensure a robust finished article that can withstand the worst possible weather and toughest treatment.

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